Power Peeves

Many diverse sections of people can be found in this world. One of the most intriguing people are the ones who like to be perched on the fence. Though, many like to be perched here on various issues, a small section of these birdies are those who keep themselves at a distance from authority figures.

A good look at this practice may give a justified answer to many derisive at them.

A detailed look

They like to be at a distance from these folks because of the endless power tantrums they throw. One of these is to levy loads of accusations and make the subordinate a scapegoat. They think that the person is an ambassador or representative of the collective group he can be identified with. This makes one endlessly at fault as the perspective holds the scapegoat  accountable for the misdeeds of scores of people. One can imagine that there will be no dearth of problems cropping up and problems can be expected out of the blue on sunny afternoons too.


  1. A professor blaming a popular pupil close to him endlessly, for no fault of his can be traced to the popular perception among them. The perception is that the pupil is collectively accountable for the shortcomings of the whole peer population. The ruthless tirade deters many people from following in his footsteps. Though there can be good rewards, the pitfalls are many.
  2. A pastor holding a popular person seemingly close to him accountable for the entire congregation. The person’s character seems to the pastor to be collectively resembling everyone in the whole congregation. He may refer to the scapegoat or the entire congregation in his sermons. Mind you, the attack can be scathing.


Though the attack can send anyone scurrying for cover, many people don’t mind of this shortcoming in the authority figures. The reason is that being close with such an authoritative person can fetch many brownie points. It is best left to the discretion of the individual concerned about the decision of staying neigh to the person in power or maintaining a noticeable distance- one may find it rewarding and another, battering.



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