Misfits in Reality

An average reality show sports a motley collection of judges that are unmatchable in various aspects of the adjudicating roles. A very earnest prerequisite for the selection of them is that they should be a part of the celluloid world. A slight mismatch in the first of the many credentials can mean alienation among the peers.

This assortment of fools can give an idea to the keen observer of a lot of conceitedness. The panel of judges give importance only to a rudimentary form of entertainment that borders on emoting, dancing and such crude art or media gimmicks. There is absolutely no room for artistic skills that require a seasoned hand or a competent adjudicator.

A truly artistic presentation is jeered at by the unintelligible crowd and reserved to the ‘boneheads’.

This shows that the audience following the monkey business of reality shows are buffoons. These charlatans of judges can reveal a raging appetite for cloaked ideologies in the consumer business. Anybody can bet on that.


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