Intellectuals: Endurance Climbers on Broke-back Mountains

People get mired in a rat race for better opportunities and pseudo-intellectualism. In their quest for a hard-to-get knowledge, little do they realize that the core traits needed in a sharp, witty mind are not found in them. The basic of these traits is an extensive vocabulary that no one can match and thoughts that are over the top.

These intellectuals change people’s very mindset with thoughts and never-before-found revolutionary ideas. Some of them are hard to decipher and fathom- even for classy people. A peek into history can reveal that some ideas of intellectuals cannot be challenged even millennia later.

People with their noses high in the air and bragging about degrees are pure nincompoops compared to these highly endowed people. Wannabes with hoisted derriere are trash to them.

Some of these intellectuals made a mockery of the ‘best’ minds among the contemporaries. They detested education in cramming schools and spoon-fed kittens being readied to overthrow dominions and bastions in the barbaric world prevalent then.


Overladen mules are akin to break their backs and a cool, enlightened man can surely achieve greater things, irrespective of the derision. Single out intellectuals and reap great benefits.


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