Of Meddlesome Anchors

While the media manifests itself in its endeavors to people as pro bono, the inside story –hidden from plain view– is totally different. Keen observers can see the gory details of its cloaked legacy. This section of the televised media promotes riotous sentiments  and the best of them can be seen in their anchors turning meddlesome.

Taking sides over an issue, the sentiments of the people watching are incited and the speaker is indiscriminately blamed for his opinions. He is harassed to the core and pestered over every word that proceeds from his mouth. Everyone knows that the anchor elicits these.

Clearly, this is a sign of inciting disharmony and turning a trivial issue into a national one.The meddlesome anchor seems like a ruffian and his cave-like manners can be seen in every talk and question.

Such plummeting ethics in the televised media fueled by a war-hungry appetite can give one a vague idea of what is in the offing. I won’t be surprised if the governments come down heavily on these money-minting businesses. There surely lacks a regulatory authority armed to the teeth to tackle this menace.

Somebody will come to the rescue of people the world over and these megalomaniacs will grow uncomfortable in their ‘thrones’. Then, they’ll come to terms with their raving fetishes.


No one is spared from their clutches- not even the prominent personalities of this era. This can assure one of a collectively injured pride coming to the rescue. All one has to do is lie and wait on his couch like anyone watching these businesses’ antics does.


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