The Carnage of Love

People seek for love in a lot of their fellowmen and get themselves trapped in a tumultuous phase that convinces them of no ameliorative happenings in the offing. There are a lot of disastrous climaxes that can be attributed to this quest for love.

What are the side effects?

One of the end results of this ‘love’ is a contrite spirit and a heart-wrenching feeling left deep within. As a result of this search in ‘lovers’, the victim is left with a lot of psychological stuff in the form of prejudices or lessons learnt. Some are so victimized that they look at a generally targeted people with disdain.

More vulnerabilities

This form of disdain and revulsion dwells deep within their psychological abyss. An example for this is the gender-specific revulsion. For the record, ‘all men are NOT like that’.

The breach of trust can leave victimized people with ‘touch hunger’ because of an eerie feeling in approaching and confiding in someone. This subset of people in the victim’s mind become narrower and narrower with an ever-growing series of relationships.


A no-frills and healthy relationship is very much needed. Withdrawal, restraining feelings, replying with hurtful actions can evoke many ill-effects on health. So, spare your body from all the battering. Live life to the fullest.


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