The Elusive Love

In the quest for love, people take all the battering on their bodies and sheepishly obfuscate the messages others get through these escapades. They do have certain reservations and tactics towards love through rich ‘experience’ garnered.

As they grow, realization convicts them of infatuation. It is the very thing that blinded them as a novice.

Later, in an advanced age, an intelligent person screens love through a number of parameters. They are sacrifices made by partner; a number of selfless deeds like compromising with faults; the courtesy of apologies rendered throughout, after misunderstandings; immaturity acknowledged in talks and so on.

What an infatuated person should do?

All the above parameters are to be probed by the infatuated stereotype. Otherwise, the bad and unhealthy relationship’s puppeteer may plague him with slander and manipulation; verbal abuse in specific categories; physical abuse by the hill billy stereotype and so on.


These first-timers should bind themselves in a sacrament and forego the immediate family they belong to. Don’t drag the innocent into controversies and strife. Binding by vow nullifies sneering and disdain. Spite sparks a fight. People should trust a person by law and not feelings.


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