Christianity: Initiation Trouble

There has been a lot of incidents wherein people opting for Christianity out of respect for its principles, have foregone the thought. The reason for this being the not-up-to-the-mark nature of Christians in the fellowship. The imperfect nature of the followers of Christianity is known by many.

While it is true that Christians need to be more Christlike, the other aspect of it should also be noted. The Christians that people meet after being smitten by the principles of Christianity are not the model ones or ambassadors of the religion. Hence, there can be flaws in them.

While, Christ is the ideal Christian, no one can expect the subjects to be like the King in majesty. The King is an embodiment of fragrant virtues and the source of every good thing. There is no darkness in Him and He lives in unapproachable light. He is clothed with brightness and longsuffering, in that He tolerates evil in his kingship out of love for the evildoers.

Famous incidents where Christianity was shunned

I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.- Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi was impressed by Christianity and wanted to have a piece of it. He approached a church in South Africa during the apartheid times. There being reservations according to class for the colored and white, he dropped the idea of becoming a Christian.

What is the standard response to this?

There is nobody perfect in this world. Perfection is a rarity in itself.

For example, every citizen of a country is not a patriot. He has different approaches towards it. Some like the country they are in and some do not. No category fits perfectly for a thinking human.

Who are the models to follow and are Christlike?

The models in different churches are titled with the name of ‘Saints’. They have lived an exemplary life and were blessed with a blemishless reputation throughout their illustrious lives. A peek into their life can reveal that all of them were Christlike. People should look at them and not be obsessed with the Utopian traits.


Utopian traits are not found in every affiliation that a person can be categorized into. There always is a lacking. Christ wanted his followers to be virtuous. They should be lacking in virtues or else how would they look up to him as an embodiment of perfection? This is a thought to consider.


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