Salaried Heteromorphs

There are numerous people in the world around who brag about a change in their fate. After suffering misfortune many a times, they happen to enjoy a spell of richness. This richness is in the form of perks that trickle down the corporate ladder and as they settle down the hierarchy, a lot of the bejeweled goo sticks at every echelon.

More the slimy mess, more is the wealth accumulated at the top of the pyramid.

As there are many contenders for this sticky mess, the lower stratum of this world gets only a pittance. But, they never admit that they are wanting in any thing. Often, terse remarks are passed to the ‘incompetent’ bystanders. There surely is a class of their own even in dire circumstances, comparatively to the higher officials way above the ladder.

The top rung of the ladder can be condescending to this salaried stereotype in unbecoming conditions. Even more less-endowed of the salaried masses get sneered upon and trampled nonchalantly. The name in the title rightly fits the in-between people because they change colors like the chameleon. Happier times can see them dancing with glee and when the money ditches them, they flee. Please forgive the shoddy poetry, as I’m not a poet.


This is a very dear part of life for many of the office-goers. Curse the ‘poor’ and be labeled insolent. Insolence brings a wide grin on these people mentioned in the title. Who knows, the poor can be rich anytime soon. Nobody owns people’s lives here- a point to consider.


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