Intellectuals: Well-to-do or Not

Contrary to the popular notion among varied sections in the society, intellectuals were not left wanting in money matters. Though their contributions to the respective fields they represented were overwhelming, it is not to be thought that all the efforts put in were purely altruistic.

Premise for labeling them bankrupt

Many think that their works being intellectual or not understandable and hence were left in the lurch by many people. They are of the opinion that their works in the form of books were not followed by people and hence they were at a loss. This is not the case. People should understand that they catered to an elite audience. These top rung and well-endowed people looked up to them in admiration.

How well-off were they?

They held high offices in universities. These plum and coveted posts made sure they earned a lot of money. Some of them were at the helm of affairs in many institutions that invited them with open arms.

  • Max Planck  was always ahead of the game and headed many institutions. Some of them were Berlin University, University of Kiel, Gottinghen and many more. German Physical Society too saw him as a leading member.
  • Albert Einstein was Professor Emeritus at Princeton.


Representing many universities, these intellectuals earned handsomely. They exuded a charisma and were elite in money matters too. The fat pay package assigned to them is indeed fathomable, when it comes to their tenure as such elite professors.


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