Barbaric Religions: True or False?

While numerous atheists in the world attempt to connect many wars and strife elsewhere to religions, it is true to some extent. But, a different aspect of atheism is to be considered that has given a lot of impetus to wars and utter annihilation. If one takes notice of these vagaries that have many a carnage to its credit, the blame games stop.

What were the ideologies?

There were numerous ideologies and beliefs that promoted, spawned and instigated wars or strife among certain sections of people. 

Fascism was a major ideology that exterminated a lot of races that existed during the World Wars. Millions were killed and were treated like cattle transported to slaughter houses amongst other grave, inhumane conditions. A lot of experiments were carried out on them. The death toll is estimated by researchers to be close to the score of a million.

What promotes barbarism?

There is an inherent evil among people that promotes such strife. It is an affiliation to an ideology or a belief. In the above case, it was sneering and disdain to a particular race. People should be cautious of their affiliations to certain ideologies and be tolerant towards their fellowmen.

What curtails it?

Man came up with a lot of religions in order to find peace among his brethren. The goal of every religion is to maintain harmony among the human race. Religion acts like a balm that soothes pain and ameliorates the transigent characteristics among the fellowmen.


Man has sought religions to be in a better world far from strife and ill will. Religion does not promote disharmony- not among its adherents themselves. Be appreciative of man’s efforts to find solace in religion. 


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