The Deviant Side of Celluloid World

Movies are the greatest tool to probe decadence in the society. It would be rather right to say that movies are a mirror to the society.

As movies are more and more popular among various age groups and sections in the society, there can be often mixed reactions at the mere mention of it. Some movies that are not mainstream can be definitely categorized into the ones sending a message to people, but the mainstream ones are commercial. They are being made to accomplish a checklist for the moviemaker.

One can see that there are very few cinemas here that offer to send a moral message to people. Here, protagonists are increasingly inclined towards the deviant side. They can be seen glorifying exotic dancers who are sleazy to the core; thieves that are sophisticated and ‘virile’ in the carnal way; hopelessly addicted to perversions and evil habits; cold-hearted gangsters; deceptively glorifying death or begging others to reply it in the face; glorifying carnal love and materialism; encouraging poor people to beget financial windfall by devious means. Well, the list is endless.

No movie is morally superior and does not exhort its viewers to follow suit- definitely not with an angelic heart and pure mind. There can always be flaws in their messages to the masses. Play tough and do not yield to their luring. Stay safe from the gory and carefree life they depict, shunning the ideologies.


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