Surreal Beliefs

One of the major antecedents often seen in reality shows is that people put their complete trust in the dialogues too. This uncalled for truth is not at all palatable. Well, at least for me.

I mean, consider this thought. Why would a show that has infused such a huge capital in it from day one want to randomize or ‘realize’ the happenings between the contestants? It can be clearly seen that keeping the happenings ‘real’ can put the viewership of it at stake. The people running the show cannot control it and adapt to the viewers changing tastes or trends in the surroundings.

Thus, they cannot maintain a connect with the viewers and this makes the randomization of the show nonsensical. This detrimental aspect of it can have a huge effect on the entire farcical season.

This crystal clear aspect of the show is enough to make mature audiences informed. A show that does not have a tab on the happenings or plots in the story can be expected to go on a downward spiral in terms of popularity. Closely follow these major signs and you may be enlightened. Often, tell tale signs reveal a lot.


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