Amateur and Poor: Palatable Combination?

The world is full of sentient beings that grapple with the terms of new found surroundings. New surroundings here are that the beings were quite rich financially and are now not so well-off as they used to be. This grappling of theirs can be seen in the day-to-day life they are exposed to.

Once being quite well-to-do with a handsomely paid job, these retirees make an effort not to budge when it comes to performing the assigned not-so-glamorous jobs or more precisely, chores. After a long tussle with the immediate family, they slowly bow down to the pressure. But, it should be noted that this transition is not so easy for them or the people concerned. They try all the means possible to dodge this ‘frivolous’ responsibility of maintaining the ‘palace’.

As any change is not accepted with open arms, this too calls for a great effort. This effort is similar to that of the flame, when it is about to fizzle out. It can be seen that the flame makes a great effort to stay in the game with renewed vigor- not seen before. It’s strength is even greater at the time of dying down.

So is the case with these newly poor people. The act of the vigor dying down is truly entertaining to witness. But, at the end of it all, the relief that follows is truly worth cherishing. Relish the flavor and be satisfied.


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