Melodramatic Purveyors

Some people often convey a wrong message to the ‘uninitiated’ that they need to confide and put their trust in a specific circle of friends and acquaintances to survive in this harsh world. While the specificity of the friends circle is a good argument and a premise to abide by, the term itself is subjective.

To put it more precisely, no one knows the kind of friends and acquaintances that would be helpful in dire needs. And, to be exact, there is no way to find out- however calculative a person might be.

People tend to take pride in themselves about their reliable clout that can turn the tables and stare in the face of any situation. But, it is wise to note that not even one of these persons can be of help in certain demanding and dire situations. And this may be because of their nonavailability due to commitments; distance of the place of incident, if one is traveling; purview of the concerned situation, when it comes to jurisdiction or ambit; peculiarity of the people with vested interests, especially the character and so on.

This select circle of close friends need to be extended to include anyone and everyone who happens to be human. Each and every person in this world is interdependent on one another. Cohabitation was the sole purpose of the creator when He put people into being. Hence, no one can shun others’ company and be complacent.

Man is a social animal and even beggars can be of help sometime. This makes it wise for him to be in the good books of everyone. Need transcends strata and caliber in society. Get rid of the melodrama and think clear. Only then, the world becomes more vivid.


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