Some Tidbits Regarding Morality

There is a lot of confusion around, regarding morality being subjective. While it is true that morality differs from person to person, a very important thing itself should not be dismissed. It changes from one to another because people tend to be right in their own eyes. For consideration, a grave thing that they collectively as a culture abhor, gets imbued in their conscience. But, due to individual antics,  exceptions regarding certain morals start cropping up.

This subjectivity in morals is no excuse for the total nonexistence of a predefined and standard set of morals that predate the human race.


  • If people in some culture perceive body piercings as a taboo, individuals privy to that culture follow suit. This makes everyone with piercings detested and frowned upon.
  • People who can’t overcome certain habits evil to their body such as smoking develop a soft corner for smokers. This, they do much against their existing cultural affiliations.


A lot of these exceptions to rules throughout cultures and individual affiliations, make up the subjective morals in society. These individualistic and group affiliations do not negate a definitive moral code in everybody’s conscience, which is in play. ‘The odd one is out’, yes. But, people need to get a bigger picture. This can transcend the paltry moral subjectivity.



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