Subservient Liars

People around the world are endlessly caught in a maze, if they happen to just give in to the false precept of lying. Just a lie that was founded on a premise of escaping their faults’ repercussions or shame can trigger a plenitude of them. These lies enslave the person who lied and hold him captive for long periods of time.

He goes on a lying spree and the situation is out of control for him. No one can bail him out of the travesty, the lying made him a bait of. Instead of lying to wriggle out of the situation, it is best to do the seemingly impossible- speak the truth without being ashamed. More and more lying is similar to being caught in a swamp, floundering. One can get out of the mess, only then.

This lying –done in a bid to ease up the situation or salvaging pride– can turn up the tide against the liar’s own image. The lying person’s reputation is at stake and the dent is very hard to be repaired. It gets worse, if the person has a formidable reputation in society. As is obvious, his stature doesn’t allow him to lie- not even the least.

Hence, it is best to stay out of lying and even if caught in it, speak the truth, regardless.


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