Real Thinkers in Action

Whenever people seem not to understand the concept thinkers put in their face, all they have to do is draw some parallel analogies in the wily elders of a society- their life is no less than that of a thinker. A look at these elders reveals a lot about the lifestyle of thinkers and their values. Being with them for just a period of two days is enough to give valuable insights into a shrewd thinker’s life.

They spend hours round about thinking various issues: debating about individuals’ lives; discerning oddities in the immediate vicinity; collecting opinions about various issues; watching lifestyles of certain pesky or frail youngsters and more.

The moment they strike something newsworthy, then all hell breaks loose: A good analysis is done on the story with face-to-face interviews, door calls, snoop vision from their presbiopia-correcting spectacles. After a good amount of futility is seen in reaching the root of the matter, the idea is dropped and another lead approached.

These old timers do not have any worthwhile business. The best remedy for this snooping to end is their own nearest kin to get dabbled in such controversies. Being at the receiving end can solve a lot of problems. Have my word.


Prescience of God: A Crime?

Atheists normally conform to the opinion about God ‘allowing’ evil to be effected in the world. They are of the opinion that as God knows everything, this omniscience is not used to put a full stop on the suffering in this world. This accusation holds no water as foreknowing an act cannot necessarily mean it’s a crime in nature.

God definitely foreknew the path evil would take in this world with His creation of Lucifer. But it is to be noted that this act of creating him was not ill intentioned. Thus deliberation is ruled out of the context.

If everything God wants to create brings a grim picture of suffering or consequences in His mind, should He forego the thought of creating anything?- Just sit idle having nothing to partake of His labor. This is a very interesting concept and the creation of Lucifer being not ill intentioned, is reason enough for it not to constitute as a crime.

This is because ill intention is a primal constituent of anything to be ruled as crime. Hence, no criminal intent amounts to no crime.

Flaky Orchestration

The celluloid world seems to be rife with inconsistencies. These are found in that the life depicted does not match the one in reality. It seems to sell the audience a made up and contorted version of routine activities. These activities are very much sober as seen by individuals not following the farcical depictions.

An interesting part of this aspect is that some unsuspecting people are hooked onto these ideas and are ardent fans of the person essaying the role.

As people come in hordes to witness any movie screening, the lead’s chest puffs up with pride for silly reasons. These silly moments, along with other not so charismatic ones, are clipped and trashed- a larger-than-life story is depicted. The human side of these bigwigs do not hold any value to the profit mongers. Hence, it is an obvious thing for them to send these funny moments to the trash.

The followers lack a pragmatic approach towards life. They are tossed and swayed by any passing breeze that gives them a whiff of ascendance. The nuances of these demigods can reveal a lot about the insidious effects of the melodramatic screenings. They surely leave an indelible mark on their mind.

The Cute Factor

If one takes a look at the world full of children, there is a lax attitude towards them being challenging. They are increasingly petted and reminded of being ‘small’, when it comes to competing with their intimidating contemporaries.

The competence differs from nation to nation in that some of their peers from developed countries are way too skilled and talented in every aspect. This deficit in intellect is too hard to straighten up by the children in the developing world- the lag behind. All this is due to the insurmountable affection showered on them- the petting and caressing can get to unimaginable amounts.


This attitude of people is manifested in the television too.

  • The ‘Spelling Bee’ in many countries has a rich amount of talent not seen in the developing ones. Here, it is a joke. And these farcical contests are received with much hype by the audience.
  • The same goes for ‘quiz’ contests too. They lag behind their developing counterparts. In these regions, much challenging quizzes are organized.


If such a lax attitude towards a child’s upbringing in terms of talent nurturing is showed, what can they achieve? Surely, underachievers gradually are deemed to rule in these countries. This is a thought to ponder.


Fallacy in Atheism

If one takes a look at atheism from a sober viewpoint, there are bound to be systemic flaws governing it. These flaws in its tenets are actually due to its over-dependence on empirical evidences. The basic principle in it is the Utopian traits the person privy to it relies on. There can be no room for an uneducated self to be associated with it.

To put it into another set of words, an atheist has to be a competent person in diverse fields to confirm every empirical evidence till date. He has to be a competent doctor, engineer, chemist, physicist, astronomer, historian, paleontologist, solicitor, biologist, pharmacist, farmer, judge, psychologist, psychiatrist, metallurgy specialist, forensic expert, architect, auditor, law enforcer and more.

Nobody till date has not even been at least five of these experts in their lifetime. They just put faith in these professionals mentioned above and put this basic principle of empiricism on the back burner. This false pride in one’s education is always a stumbling block for an atheist. They should let go of these false beliefs and search for the true God who is elusive to such empiricism. 

Earmarked Intellectuals

A lot of highly talented people can be sifted out from the rest by a few qualities that are not found in the minnows. There can be seen a marked bunch of characteristics in these individuals. Let’s take a look at some.

  • Lack of immunity can be seen in these individuals and hence, some are referred to as germaphobes. This makes them susceptible to a lot of allergies. But, this aspect of their life does not necessarily render them sick- hospices are not meant for them. They are really talented people and won’t be bogged down by these impediments in their work. Being identified longtime with these, they learn to brush aside the nagging nature of them.
  • Stoic is the word that defines them. They are constantly tossed and turned around in their lives in order to learn some precious lessons. The unforgiving nature of the turmoil and tussle won’t make them complaining- not even a bit.

While these being the main traits, detractors are constantly replied with a new spat-in-the-face story. Their numbers gradually decline and hence, they find set out to find newer avenues- this obviously is someone in their ranks. And ultimately, these talented people’s formidable position becomes the talk of the town.

Familiarity Undermines

A prophet is never respected in his own hometown.- Jesus Christ

People across the world are known to look down upon their close companions or acquaintances or known people with a not-so-great background. However powerful or skilled the person may grow to be, he is always played down and mocked at.

Jesus wisely put this quote when people looked with disdain at his roots. The fact that He was a carpenter’s son made people detest his deep knowledge and insight of things elusive to the common man. Regardless of the number of miracles He performed, nobody believed in Him.

It should be noted that many prominent personalities had a humble beginning. Such a progeny can lend weight to the phrase, ‘Diamonds in the rough’. All it requires is grace of God with a bit of polishing.