Hooliganism: A sound proposition?

Whenever a person rescues a damsel in distress, people think of him as a gentleman. But, nobody can believe the bystanders and consider their opinion regarding him. This is fair all along because people have a shortlived memory of happenings and an unnecessary euphoria is attached regarding these events. The very people who lavished accolades and eulogies on the ‘Prince Charming’ may shift base towards other hyped stories.

In other words, opinions change swiftly and the hero may be cursed.

It is wise for the could-be victim to fathom the character of the rescuer. The wise hero in that he risked being beaten up by the antagonists reveals himself as a violent person. Yes, there is sympathy in some corner of his heart. But, this is a classic case of vigilantism.

As the hero obviously believes in the concept of a sound thrashing, his antics in the future cannot be trusted. It is best not to believe in this violent defender of rights. The charming prince cannot be banked upon for future prospects. Try finding someone sober for your valued lifetime. Do not give in to hooliganism. Violent and irate people do not fit the bill. Fairy tales are just that- tales.


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