Colors: Man and Reptile

Everywhere in the world, people can see man changing a lot of colors. He turns green with envy; red with anger; yellow with jealousy; pale with fear; black with denigration and so on. All of these colors trigger emotions and a lot of evil raises its ugly face because of this. These people avenge the acts of the ‘instigator’ with dogged perseverance. They won’t settle until and unless every penny is returned.

But, animals have a different mindset when it comes to changing colors. They change colors to blend with the surroundings and lay undetected from predators. A look at their behavior can provide ample proof that  though feral in nature, no attack is unprovoked. Some attack to savor a meal too.

This shows that man himself is feral in nature and is worse than the savage world of wild animals.

As everyone is attacked unprovoked because of the above mentioned colors, man is definitely more dangerous and vile than animals. His mixed bag of emotions can boil down any talk to a quarrel. So, don’t get scared of animals, but of man. Beware of him.


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