Delicate Puppetry

The world is intricately balanced in a system wherein people settle in their comfort zones. No one in their close quarters makes an effort to shake them out of it. This can be seen in organizations too. Here, people are held together by strands of favors and other aspects of interdependence.

Such a delicately balanced system points to a puppeteer who monitors the whole proceedings through sheer intelligence.


  • Start-ups rely endlessly on large organizations and customer bases to be privy to a parasitic growth. There is often cannibalism too in the structure. After feeding a great deal, they go about their own ways. Then, they never look back.
  • Temperance can be seen between parties who happen to be friends. A haughty friend may be tolerated by his compatriots. They put him in his comfort zone every now and then. His complexes never make them weary.
  • Killers on the prowl, never exterminate the whole human race, ever. No one has succeeded yet.


There are a majority of such systems wherein people are held together closely. This can be put in other words as, ‘something sustains the world‘. Though, there are some instances in which people lose their tolerance, a majority of them do not. Every thing is counterbalanced with another sustainable contrast. Does this point to a subtle force that governs these processes? Is it a Divine force?




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