Empty Liaisons

Families are the most important building blocks of a society. Here, the members form a cohesive unit and closely conform to the basics of a society. This basic level is privy to a lot of fallacies and people who collude over injecting this toxic load are full of mirth.One of the main conundrum for this societal unit is that nobody gives a thought about such fallacies. The reason for it being, the decadence underwhelms the existing opportunity to revel in the moment.

A startling misconception plaguing this basic unit is that the need for security in terms of money governs the peace in it. 

A close observation reveals that though the unit is held together, another feisty aspect is overlooked. It can be noted that people are bonded together by security and greed, but at the same time, certain urges or traits in an individual can bring about a deterioration. People with corrupt morals often debunk these liaisons.


Affluent people have their riches taken away by the family members’ reckless splurging, evil habits and some misguided courtship. This inherent evil is the main cause for the debacle- the financial matters go for a twirl.


This shows that money does hold people together with greed, but it totally depends on the individuals’ character. People with a clear conscience and imitable virtues can do better in the long run. So, this money concept is entirely hatched out of drunken stupor. Be sober.


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