The Unmistakable Allusion

Elders have definitely got more experience on their side when it comes to making decisions and discerning things. They can separate wheat from the chaff with this weapon of ‘years behind them’. But, there is an unmistakable allusion in this world within the reaches of intellect. And this dares to say that they are not right at all times and in different situations.

A person with a sharp wit can outsmart them. This person can be well behind years compared to them.

He can intuitively equip himself to face certain situations that these old-timers cannot. As he understands more things, this intellectual can predict events in a person’s life through his knowledge of history, or more precisely, a good grasp of biographies, for starters. Hence, his decision-making skills are more advanced.

Tell me, if a person knows for sure the future in advance, won’t his plans welcoming it be more accurate? Elders know more about the world, but they lack insight deeply like intellectuals. Being unawares of a turning point in the near foreseeable future can be disastrous in planning or decision-making. And this is the very thing a person relying on elders for advice forfeits.


The most important things when making decisions are intellect and intuition. No one can beat them- not even by a fair amount of chance.


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