Employer’s Darling

Authority figurines are not the most elusive people around. The things that they like in an employee are crystal clear. They are three fold:

  • Sincerity People who are sincere in their work –regardless of the volume– are most appreciated and close to the bosses’ heart. As every request of theirs is upheld, this appeases them greatly. They may even promote such people.
  • Honesty Honest people are very close to their heart too. If they come across an instance of honesty in an employee, every mistake committed in his work is overlooked. This type of people too climb up the ladder very soon.
  • Diligence People performing their duties diligently do not offend them- not even a wee bit. Just after getting a whiff of this hallowed quality from prying eyes, such people are exalted in their workplace.

There are no prizes for guessing where a person ends up who has all the three qualities mentioned above. Obviously, he is going to be the heir to the employer’s fortune.

Be aware of this and you may own a business empire.


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