Earmarked Intellectuals

A lot of highly talented people can be sifted out from the rest by a few qualities that are not found in the minnows. There can be seen a marked bunch of characteristics in these individuals. Let’s take a look at some.

  • Lack of immunity can be seen in these individuals and hence, some are referred to as germaphobes. This makes them susceptible to a lot of allergies. But, this aspect of their life does not necessarily render them sick- hospices are not meant for them. They are really talented people and won’t be bogged down by these impediments in their work. Being identified longtime with these, they learn to brush aside the nagging nature of them.
  • Stoic is the word that defines them. They are constantly tossed and turned around in their lives in order to learn some precious lessons. The unforgiving nature of the turmoil and tussle won’t make them complaining- not even a bit.

While these being the main traits, detractors are constantly replied with a new spat-in-the-face story. Their numbers gradually decline and hence, they find set out to find newer avenues- this obviously is someone in their ranks. And ultimately, these talented people’s formidable position becomes the talk of the town.


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