Fallacy in Atheism

If one takes a look at atheism from a sober viewpoint, there are bound to be systemic flaws governing it. These flaws in its tenets are actually due to its over-dependence on empirical evidences. The basic principle in it is the Utopian traits the person privy to it relies on. There can be no room for an uneducated self to be associated with it.

To put it into another set of words, an atheist has to be a competent person in diverse fields to confirm every empirical evidence till date. He has to be a competent doctor, engineer, chemist, physicist, astronomer, historian, paleontologist, solicitor, biologist, pharmacist, farmer, judge, psychologist, psychiatrist, metallurgy specialist, forensic expert, architect, auditor, law enforcer and more.

Nobody till date has not even been at least five of these experts in their lifetime. They just put faith in these professionals mentioned above and put this basic principle of empiricism on the back burner. This false pride in one’s education is always a stumbling block for an atheist. They should let go of these false beliefs and search for the true God who is elusive to such empiricism. 


2 thoughts on “Fallacy in Atheism

  1. Louis Pasteur, –who disproved the creationist hypothesis of spontaneous generation- also rejected the notion long promoted by religious leaders, that ailments of the body were of supernatural origin. Science can only examine natural explanations, and Pasteur provided that with his proposition that diseases weren’t caused by demons, but by germs. Like evolution, germ theory can never be proven, even though we know and can show that it is definitely correct beyond any doubt, and that’s why there’s no competing theory.

    • You may like to know that certain long held beliefs in history by religion were debunked. It is true. Religion too changes its views on subjects every now and then. Science did dispel many myths. It should be noted that the supernatural manifests itself in shady occurrences wherein the cause of the problems afflicting people is never found out. For example, a person possessed or tormented by demons never classifies himself as any diseased individual because medical science cannot categorize his symptoms. Symptomatically treating patients never cures them of such ‘illnesses. Hence ‘diseases’ caused by demons are completely nonsense.
      Atheism needs more teeth for its arsenal to counter the empirical evidence glitch. It purely relies on Utopian traits.

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