The Cute Factor

If one takes a look at the world full of children, there is a lax attitude towards them being challenging. They are increasingly petted and reminded of being ‘small’, when it comes to competing with their intimidating contemporaries.

The competence differs from nation to nation in that some of their peers from developed countries are way too skilled and talented in every aspect. This deficit in intellect is too hard to straighten up by the children in the developing world- the lag behind. All this is due to the insurmountable affection showered on them- the petting and caressing can get to unimaginable amounts.


This attitude of people is manifested in the television too.

  • The ‘Spelling Bee’ in many countries has a rich amount of talent not seen in the developing ones. Here, it is a joke. And these farcical contests are received with much hype by the audience.
  • The same goes for ‘quiz’ contests too. They lag behind their developing counterparts. In these regions, much challenging quizzes are organized.


If such a lax attitude towards a child’s upbringing in terms of talent nurturing is showed, what can they achieve? Surely, underachievers gradually are deemed to rule in these countries. This is a thought to ponder.



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