Flaky Orchestration

The celluloid world seems to be rife with inconsistencies. These are found in that the life depicted does not match the one in reality. It seems to sell the audience a made up and contorted version of routine activities. These activities are very much sober as seen by individuals not following the farcical depictions.

An interesting part of this aspect is that some unsuspecting people are hooked onto these ideas and are ardent fans of the person essaying the role.

As people come in hordes to witness any movie screening, the lead’s chest puffs up with pride for silly reasons. These silly moments, along with other not so charismatic ones, are clipped and trashed- a larger-than-life story is depicted. The human side of these bigwigs do not hold any value to the profit mongers. Hence, it is an obvious thing for them to send these funny moments to the trash.

The followers lack a pragmatic approach towards life. They are tossed and swayed by any passing breeze that gives them a whiff of ascendance. The nuances of these demigods can reveal a lot about the insidious effects of the melodramatic screenings. They surely leave an indelible mark on their mind.


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