Prescience of God: A Crime?

Atheists normally conform to the opinion about God ‘allowing’ evil to be effected in the world. They are of the opinion that as God knows everything, this omniscience is not used to put a full stop on the suffering in this world. This accusation holds no water as foreknowing an act cannot necessarily mean it’s a crime in nature.

God definitely foreknew the path evil would take in this world with His creation of Lucifer. But it is to be noted that this act of creating him was not ill intentioned. Thus deliberation is ruled out of the context.

If everything God wants to create brings a grim picture of suffering or consequences in His mind, should He forego the thought of creating anything?- Just sit idle having nothing to partake of His labor. This is a very interesting concept and the creation of Lucifer being not ill intentioned, is reason enough for it not to constitute as a crime.

This is because ill intention is a primal constituent of anything to be ruled as crime. Hence, no criminal intent amounts to no crime.


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