Real Thinkers in Action

Whenever people seem not to understand the concept thinkers put in their face, all they have to do is draw some parallel analogies in the wily elders of a society- their life is no less than that of a thinker. A look at these elders reveals a lot about the lifestyle of thinkers and their values. Being with them for just a period of two days is enough to give valuable insights into a shrewd thinker’s life.

They spend hours round about thinking various issues: debating about individuals’ lives; discerning oddities in the immediate vicinity; collecting opinions about various issues; watching lifestyles of certain pesky or frail youngsters and more.

The moment they strike something newsworthy, then all hell breaks loose: A good analysis is done on the story with face-to-face interviews, door calls, snoop vision from their presbiopia-correcting spectacles. After a good amount of futility is seen in reaching the root of the matter, the idea is dropped and another lead approached.

These old timers do not have any worthwhile business. The best remedy for this snooping to end is their own nearest kin to get dabbled in such controversies. Being at the receiving end can solve a lot of problems. Have my word.


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