Immature Charlatans

A good look at people in the vicinity can reveal a lot about these stereotypes. They just are people who have failed miserably in life and are considered nincompoops by a sober generation. Their fetish lies in masquerading as a professional known to enjoy a formidable status in society. That which is lacking in him is sufficed with this guise of brilliance.

Any sober person can point out the loopholes in his arguments and shun his company.

He even dines with shady and morally corrupt individuals. The professionals are mature and knowledgeable people, far different from this charlatan who is immature. He lacks seriousness in his talks. The focused and composed nature of a professional is missing in this clown. Though the illiterate pride in his ‘achievements’, the talks lack substance and are not colorful- a real lacking.

Nobody ever can know as to how this person pulls off a heist of such epic proportions- the whole town is beguiled by his farcical professionalism. The fact that he doesn’t budge even in grave situations demanding great acumen is commendable.

Never play with a fool.



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