School Reunions: Revisiting the Past

Though there is much euphoria surrounding the concept of school reunions, many reject this kind of nostalgic attachment. Such people don’t like to set foot in present and the past at the same time. They do not endorse the idea of living in the past, but want to stay focused on the reality of things.

The photographs of warm memories in these school photos are just that- mute pictures. Hence, they do not portray the unhealthy emotions present in them. These are rather understood by the people captured on the frame. The bonhomie was absent in reality. Pupils can be seen with many contrasting qualities with that perceived to be.

A good look at this picture reveals traces of the lousy side of life such as malice, spite, sneering, disdain, haughtiness and more for each other in the frame. But the memories want to cloud this aspect. These cold feelings are not captured on a frame, quite well. Mute pictures cannot be that nostalgic as people make them out to be.

Some of these reunions are so outlandish to onlookers that the alumni attend them with their newborn. Only kids belong in a kindergarten. I mean, why attend school with kids? The attachment to the school is past. There are far better activities to do than traveling miles to be with old pals that have a changed mindset. No one there is actually the same anymore.

It’s good to learn lessons from the past and forget it. There are many intriguing aspects of these events.


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