Utilized Lacking

People have a strong luring for anything ideal in life. Any organization built on these principles –or, supposedly so– has rewarded itself greatly. People have this inbuilt mechanism wherein their soul searches for a slice of paradise.

Their need for these qualities and the fact that they cannot achieve to be more like those people with noble traits, draws them closer to these ideas. It also regurgitates an innate desire to be one possessing those.

This is the very lacking that great leaders took advantage of to curdle sentiments. Every soul searching person strives to be suffused with these Utopian traits even to this day. The leaders using these traits to influence a generation still find a following, wherein they are revered.

Due to the crippling decadence in society, these are even more wanted. God has left these lacunae in the world for Himself, so that He may influence a new revolution from time to time.


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