The Cause of Decadence

People are prone to many illogical assumptions. They cannot get more sober in using the right word for others. Much of this is directly influenced from movies. As every cause relates to movies, people cannot help watching these themselves. One of the reasons for this is the addiction among movie-goers.

A prominent case of movies affecting the society is the belligerence glorified in them, finding a place in it. This has gone so deep into our culture that belligerent people are considered to be ‘manly’.

Belligerence is not in the least manly and this direct influence of movies in a person’s attitude is very telling. Belligerence can be meant to say vandalism and only ruffians are found to live as such. Though these set of people probe extremities in their actions, a good amount of belligerence from ‘men’ is enough to label them as such.

People mimic their heroes of the netherworld and petty squabbles are encouraged. As time goes by, the pettiness grows into a more feral nature. This creepy thing about movies is a nice thought to consider towards boycotting them. Before getting profound, these should be tamed. Signs are evident as people are besotted with anti heroes more than ever.


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