Strangers at Home

When I see people in Bangalore keenly following other cultures, they make me feel confused. Let they follow their own path. But, why detest their roots or original culture? Some of them even feel ashamed talking about their culture. What is the result of this?

The problem presents itself in them later being nowhere to go. Their identity is lost. Both the cultures won’t accept them and this is the direct reason of experimenting with either. Almost all of them end up this way. And, their love for the cultures is divided. They end up being aliens at home.

I don’t have any ill feeling about western culture and am not vociferous. But, it should be done in moderation or they should selectively persist in them. Basking fully in either of them so much that people identify yourself as of another nationality is not a good sign. One’s nationality is at stake. People should preserve it.

If too much is allowed to permeate, their condition is comparable to a plant struck by an axe at the stem. As the roots hold them fast to the soil, severing is detrimental to sustainability. All that remains is a broken and dried twig. There can be no substitute to well-formed and strong roots.

People may label me as a traditionalist, but radicalism is not found in me-not even in the least. Moderation in a bit of both is tasteful. No one should be ashamed of their roots. After all, they are the very thing that holds them firm.


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