Humility and Sustained Success

Pride comes before a fall- Bible

The story of Lucifer or Satan in the Bible talks how pride affected his glorious stay in Paradise. But, many people think that pride does not lead to a fall- at least in material things. Well, the story of pride turning into a fall has a different annotation to it. It should be viewed thus. Here it follows.

The fall that relates to pride is actually, one in grace or favour in the sight of people. The more proud and arrogant a person is, more people would detest his presence. Thus, the detestable quality spreads like splinters in a forest and the popularity is affected. This is the case in many people’s lives in that they lack favour in the sight of people.

The superstar of filmdom from India, Rajnikanth, does not require promotion for his films. This is because of his utter humility. Nobody can find a hint of arrogance in him. His movies are way popular than other contemporaries and this says he is the epitome of success. Even Sachin Tendulkar was floored by his humility recently and mentions him in the list of his admirable people.

This implies that humility can take people places; do the promotions for them; keep them sustained among peers and never lack anything in life. Thus, people should avoid fall in the popularity by being humble and reach the pinnacle of sustained success.


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