Man’s Foolish Happiness Chasing

The world promises things that are temporal and small, and it is served with great eagerness. Christ promises things that are great and eternal, and the hearts of mortals are slow to stir.- Thomas Kempis

Man from time immemorial has been chasing happiness to serve him from varied angles. He has grown so adept with implementing many ideas from his understanding of the world that he has known to be synonymous with it. The various visible things in the world have become his standard test of measure. He measures every passing thing in this world with these tools. He goes so far as to label this approach as pragmatic.

While he always accounts for the visible things in the world as pragmatic, the whole basis of this argument flounders. Christ has promised invisible things as a reward or a share in His glory. These things look to him as a part of naivety. Well, naivety could not be a bearing on those people with great intellect who shaped modern theology like St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas. Why would all these intellectuals believe in these ‘fairy tales’?

This pragmatism of the atheist falls short of explaining the purpose of life. According to his theory of believing in visible things, man got created out of the blue to make loads of money for himself. Then, he can secure his future and that of his family. Doing so, he can leave a legacy of his own. So, where does he end up after this earthly sojourn?

If money was the goal in life, all other things available free of cost in this world are in vain.

He always strives for values, but falls short of using them in his life. This is because he lacks grace that comes with being in a close fellowship with God. According to the links below, 2,300,000 prisoners can be found; 95% of them are released; 2 out of 3 of this huge number reoffend. Only 14% of these who receive Christ, return to prison again.

So, what’s missing in life that won’t let people to lead it with great values? It is exactly God and his omnipotence or power. Seek Him to lead a life with fragrant virtues.


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