Unprepared Liaisons

The virtual world of internet is not a place to make friends who are total strangers. If you do, the result is a hostile environment. The cause being your carefree nature of posting content. If you really intend to make friends with them, thorough understanding of each other through chatting and interaction is better.

May be the people admire you. But, there needs to be a strong base of trust to maintain any relationship. Only after rigorously working this out, friends need to be made, or else, as the people don’t know you personally, they always try to know you through the posted content. And, this is not always healthy.

A slight mismatch of words that you intended to post can give a leeway in these relationships. This is enough for people in the virtual world, as a premise for rejecting and boycotting you.

Rajdeep Sardesai recently was trivialized and abused on twitter for just a harmless remark on the campaigning Modi. It was not at all meant to be perceived as such. People –many of them viewers of his news channel– started hurling insults and taunts. These were the choicest of them. His only mistake was that he did not build a strong base of trust or rapport with them. This affected him greatly for a couple of days.

Hence, it is wise for people online, never to accept friend requests, invitations to connect or followers nonchalantly. They need to work with them by building a strong base of trust and only then, approve the request. Ignoring this can mean an impending disaster in the near future. Communication was meant for the sole purpose of expressing and fostering ties. Make use of it to the fullest.


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