Writers’ Dilemma

Writers should be well prepared to describe their work to the uninitiated. Often, the thought that a freelance writer works from home without going to ‘office’ makes people think that he helps family members in domestic chores. While the domestic chores thing is right to an extent such as tending to dogs that are adorable, doing the dishes is not a writer’s task.

Many ‘thinkers’ who are pensioners often query about this thing.

Tomorrow may be hell, but today was a good writing day, and on a good writing day, nothing else matters- Neil Gaiman

Writing is an interesting profession, wherein people write blogs too. This is purely for the love of writing and to showcase their talent. The monetary benefit is irrelevant, thought the activity helps in the long run.

Clients get drawn to your writing because they see that the articles are impassioned. The more you write, the more people can be reached. People acknowledging your writing comes down as cool wind in the hair. Well, at least for me. The untold story should be told and it never dies down without lingering in your heart. 


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