Of Brawn with Brains

People in the post pubescent stage uptill adolescence have a keen interest in idols of perceived belligerence. But, as the years wane down their enthusiasm for spite, these idols lose sheen in their minds. Imagine elders –presumably, not those ‘young at heart’– reprimanding the youth for lack of sensitivity. These people of wisdom do not approve of insensitivity towards fellowmen for a very well-thought-of reason.

The trigger-happy youth idols do gain a huge following for their enthusiasm, but nonetheless, never acquire respect. Respect and reputation are gained by working hard. And these very things help one bolster a place in people’s minds, never to lose it. Otherwise, people change sides or shift loyalties to different idols.

Dilip Vengsarkar was very impressed with Sachin Tendulkar right from the start of his career. A very great quality, he reckons, is the lack of authoritarianism in Tendulkar. As the Chief Selector, Tendulkar built a reputation in his eyes, and this sustained him through a large part of his career. In fact, he admonished Kapil Dev for suggesting that Sachin retire from ODIs.

Hence, people should use some brains to imbibe morals in them and build a reputation. This makes the going easy in perilous times, when the gallows beckon. Be warned.


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