Big Bangalore

Life in Bangalore is not at all difficult. All one has to do in order to survive among the populace is just a lot of ‘big’ things. Here are three things to emulate Bangaloreans and survive: say it big, talk big and the last, be big. I say this, being a Bangalorean myself.

  • Saying it big Bangaloreans, when asked about their acquaintances’ and friends’ work information, always add the adjective ‘big’ to the employer. So, people’s relatives and friends always work for ‘big’ companies- whether you like it or not. All of them work for ‘big’ MNCs, ‘big’ German engineering firms, ‘big’ corporates and so on. This fad is so deep into its people that even a famous FM Radio channel makes big money here and is named ‘Big FM’.
  • Talking big Here, whenever people get stuck in traffic snarls and flout rules, there comes a ‘big’ factor into play too. When the law enforcers catch them, they talk ‘big’ things and the officials let them go out of fear. Once, I was caught with my friend by a traffic cop. Being near to an Air Force area, my friend talked ‘big’ that he was from Air Force. We were not apprehended and let go scot-free. His well-built physique played the trick.
  • Being big This is an added advantage. One need not do the above two things and lie, if you have this trump card. Life can be like a lion here, if a person is big- needless to say. As it is said, ‘Lions rule, dogs dither’.

Hence, everybody in Bangalore should strive to make it big. Only then, life is more colourful and easy here. Being big makes a big difference in my city and no one can chain a lion. That’s for sure.


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