I am a freelance content writer and really have a penchant for writing. I love making good friends and would like to follow the blogs that I would fall head over heels for. I am whimsical, sincere, religious, somewhat reserved, not smart(err… manipulative), love the finer things in life, humorous, not judgmental and I don’t believe in epicurean philosophies. I don’t like to eke out a living by shady means. I love travelling, really slow in drawing hasty conclusions about people. I talk less, which could be mistaken for the wrong notion of ‘inherent sublimity’.
I really enjoy reading about mysteries and watching action movies and I don’t believe feigning ignorance is not admirable. I love to attach to myself an aura of mysticism and have learnt not to be perturbed by the ramifications. I have become wary of ‘alchemists’ and I don’t indulge in mudslinging either because I don’t want to stoop so low. I distance myself from things which are counterproductive.
I believe in God and his creations. I admire Newton, who once said, ” To me the universe is of PERFECT law and order. I wonder how awesome is the God who created it”. – Sir Isaac Newton


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