God’s Dice

Coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous- Albert Einstein

Nobody believes in coincidences. They can’t believe that something can be so entangled in time that the whole meaning of the action will be lost. If only people take time as a priority and base all the actions and reactions of people around, they can understand many things. All the connecting dots will produce a very vivid image.

For example, a person who is just a bit preoccupied with his business that does not matter to the acquaintance, he could be misunderstood. The accuser never can understand the priority attached to the action as it does not matter to him.

Like if taking the dog out by the family member could be interrupted by a work related phone call, he could be misunderstood to be negligent. The reason could be that a number of work-related calls are received. So, where is the priority attached to it. He is bluntly misunderstood. Alternatively, the importance of the call is not known to the accuser.

Such is the bane of coincidences. People can use it to fool others too.


Intellectuals and their Blues

Intellectuals were privy to a lot of outlandish blues. Some of them were obvious and others were not.

He’s a good person. I understood a lot of things after meeting him.-  Max Planck, after meeting Rabindranath Tagore

The Blues

  • After fiddling with a lot of different ideas, they never understand them. This happens even after a long period of days.
  • Common man knows a lot of different things that he doesn’t know and this makes him not to put it on paper.
  • They always have a problem with authority. Albert Einstein had a problem with teachers guiding him and branding him a no-gooder. This obviously, was not the case.


The blues prevented him from bringing a lot of issues to the fore. These peeves proved quite a hindrance to everyone concerned.