Delirious Growth

People around children always are on the verge of excitement. The almost attained delirium is ‘when is the child growing up?’ While most of the children make these ‘grown ups’ sad with the things going up as usual, the ‘bodily grown-ups’ always mutter a few words of dissatisfaction to these. The reason is ‘he is not growing up.’

The readers can judge these mutterers to be mature. But, let me offer a few revelations about them. They seem to think that only their version of growing up is right.

To be clear, every pervert individual thinks that ‘growing up’ is right according to him. For example, alcoholic perverts –however mild they may be– think that the moment the child drinks, he has grown up; lustful people think courting a girl makes him grown up; robbers think stealing the first goods makes him grown up. This can go on and on.

They are so obsessed with the child that they ‘help’ him with everything possible to grow up. Doesn’t this beg the question, ‘who is grown up? The child or the pervert? And more so, what makes him grown up? Is it the stature or the vices? I think the former is very applicable and anything else sounds lame.


An Employer’s Guide

As employers are very strict at picking up their leaders, here come across the mind a few traits to find in these. These are very important to look through in a person’s character. While other qualities seem artificial, these hit right on the bull’s eye.

Take a keen look at them.

  • A hate for sympathy These handpicked people should hate others showing sympathy to them even in hopeless situations. It is wise to see in them a quality that hates being portrayed as a lowly, ‘poor’ or wanting individual. Such people deserve the top spot because this reflects an undying spirit.
  • Having great comeback stories Their life should be full of grit and determination. An indomitable spirit could resolve any glaring difficulties at work. Stories such as rising out of a wheelchair or a hopeless difficulty can instill respect among peers. Some examples or such stories are Edison, Beethoven. Both were deaf. Louise Braille is good too.
  • Dreamy eyes Eyes say everything. People who see a silver lining in every dark cloud do fit the bill here. Dreams can be seen in eyes. This ability can sustain through demanding situations.
  • A pragmatic foresight A clear focus on things that can be achieved is good too. This unwavering mind can help a great deal. Panic should not be the word. This assessment is a pivotal part of the whole endeavour.

No one possessing all these qualities can falter. There is a very fat chance of probing this impossibility. Could they care much?

Talk more, Pay more

People from the lower strata of society always conform to this kind of norm. Whenever their customers approach them, they keep eyes fixated on making big bucks. They cajole their clients into shelling out extra money for services through sweet talk. It is wise to say that such people are not satisfied  monetarily. Being insecure, they maliciously siphon off money from these.

As you approach them, it is very vivid as to where the plot is about to take you. They ask numerous questions and many of them give a vague hint of concern that is artificial. Some of these ‘businessmen’ are very good at counseling problems.

I can relate this mannerism to many taxi drivers, autorickshaw wallahs, barbers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and more. Recently, a barber did this to me. He asked many things about my native, mother tongue, occupation and even hobbies. Needless to say, I ended up paying more.

What these people think is that they are very smart. When, in fact, the nature can be aptly termed as manipulative. The pleasant thing about the experience is that you become very benevolent and less irksome while paying. This is a very good strategy indeed.

But look more deeply. It begs the question- ethical? And even more, people view your conduct as distasteful. They even think about your upbringing. Thus, it comes across as very unpopular to people. So, strive for a virtuous life!

Honour and Popularity

There is a vast difference between the above two words in many aspects. Honour is greater than popularity. The former (honour) is given to people for sacrifice and such, while the latter (popularity) is taken by a good strategy. Popularity has an ulterior motive- one that cares for oneself. Honour lasts very long for many people.

Let’s look at the different areas in which these words are used.

  • Honour is used for martyrs, people who have sacrificed and suffered for a cause. The examples are saints, soldiers, celebrities known for a cause, activists, freedom fighters and more. This word carries a lot of weight. They are super heroes, etched forever in people’s minds. These are worth emulating and warriors use this word in a lot of their endeavours.
  • Popularity is a bit less appealing than honour. Every celebrity known not to support a cause or inspire people falls into this category. There are a lot of them.

This is a true testimony that something bestowed (honour) is greater than something taken (popularity). Hence, it is wise to always seek honour more than popularity- never advertise yourself. A sacrifice generates more respect. Doesn’t it?

Big Bangalore

Life in Bangalore is not at all difficult. All one has to do in order to survive among the populace is just a lot of ‘big’ things. Here are three things to emulate Bangaloreans and survive: say it big, talk big and the last, be big. I say this, being a Bangalorean myself.

  • Saying it big Bangaloreans, when asked about their acquaintances’ and friends’ work information, always add the adjective ‘big’ to the employer. So, people’s relatives and friends always work for ‘big’ companies- whether you like it or not. All of them work for ‘big’ MNCs, ‘big’ German engineering firms, ‘big’ corporates and so on. This fad is so deep into its people that even a famous FM Radio channel makes big money here and is named ‘Big FM’.
  • Talking big Here, whenever people get stuck in traffic snarls and flout rules, there comes a ‘big’ factor into play too. When the law enforcers catch them, they talk ‘big’ things and the officials let them go out of fear. Once, I was caught with my friend by a traffic cop. Being near to an Air Force area, my friend talked ‘big’ that he was from Air Force. We were not apprehended and let go scot-free. His well-built physique played the trick.
  • Being big This is an added advantage. One need not do the above two things and lie, if you have this trump card. Life can be like a lion here, if a person is big- needless to say. As it is said, ‘Lions rule, dogs dither’.

Hence, everybody in Bangalore should strive to make it big. Only then, life is more colourful and easy here. Being big makes a big difference in my city and no one can chain a lion. That’s for sure.

Strangers at Home

When I see people in Bangalore keenly following other cultures, they make me feel confused. Let they follow their own path. But, why detest their roots or original culture? Some of them even feel ashamed talking about their culture. What is the result of this?

The problem presents itself in them later being nowhere to go. Their identity is lost. Both the cultures won’t accept them and this is the direct reason of experimenting with either. Almost all of them end up this way. And, their love for the cultures is divided. They end up being aliens at home.

I don’t have any ill feeling about western culture and am not vociferous. But, it should be done in moderation or they should selectively persist in them. Basking fully in either of them so much that people identify yourself as of another nationality is not a good sign. One’s nationality is at stake. People should preserve it.

If too much is allowed to permeate, their condition is comparable to a plant struck by an axe at the stem. As the roots hold them fast to the soil, severing is detrimental to sustainability. All that remains is a broken and dried twig. There can be no substitute to well-formed and strong roots.

People may label me as a traditionalist, but radicalism is not found in me-not even in the least. Moderation in a bit of both is tasteful. No one should be ashamed of their roots. After all, they are the very thing that holds them firm.

An Ode to Bangalore

Bangalore is known for its salubrious climate and is teeming with a vibrant population. The technological advancements here are solely driven by these industrious engineers who are on a war footing. There are summer palaces of many medieval kings that are tell tale signs of the footprints of aristocracy deeply etched in the sands of time.

Modern Bangalore is known for pothole ridden and waterlogged roads, battering thunderstorms, frequent power outages, uprooted trees, ill-equipped emergency services, haphazard town planning, lack of coordination between civic agencies, irate mobs craving for action, hooligans on the prowl, uncivilized populace, developmental projects hanging in a limbo, people aping the west and repulsive to their tradition and culture. All these impede the development of this city and make it a soulless city discouraging cohabitation.

This does not negate the fact that it is a technological hub of India and the civic amenities here are of high standards. The indomitable spirit of Bangaloreans takes precedence over the aforesaid issues plaguing its urban populace. A stroll through the boulevards of this place can toss your inhibitions regarding it aside. Let go of them and take a breather.