Contrasting Imperfections

People always wonder what should be the mantra for a companionship. The answer is very simple. Every companionship- be it spouses, mother-son, father-son, friends and a lot more. All of this is based on a clear rule.

There should exist a contrasting imperfection in either of them. For example, if a better half or friend lacks a sense of humour, it should be supplied by the other half in its fullest. I mean, he should have a brim full of humour.

Another analogy is this: If a person is intelligent to the fullest, his partner should lack it to a great degree. It is very wise to say that the other person should feel the lacking greatly and admire the intellectual- the lacking should be visible. Such contrasting imperfection is very much essential in any companionship- say, marriage. This is the very thing seen in the partner.

With this, the journey will become all the more worthwhile. The persons complement each other and live a long time together. Isn’t it very wise to have a look at?


The Tyranny of Unearned Respect

People in various families have an inherent tendency to entrust their care into villainous individuals’ hands, who don’t deserve the spot. These undeserving people rule with an iron hand. Most of their antics are related to favouritism and manipulation. Many gullible people have fallen prey to their whims.

Rather than regretting their deliberations later, the best a victim can do is to handpick these candidates thoroughly. Leaving no lacunae in this process, all should be done well to ensure the presiding elders are worthy. These can qualify to be those who have earned their respect among the family members- preferably, popular ones.

I remember a man who was duped by a haughty lady. The eerie nature of the dupe amounting to a few lakhs of rupees was that the victim considered her a mother, when in fact, she was just a relative. After this heist, it was impossible for him to recover the money. All her vile tactics had been implemented and the thoughts she had put into his mind had bore fruit. What resulted was a tremendous mess of relationships. All he could do was detest the vile nature of the woman.

Absolutely nothing can be done to preempt such type of fraud. All a person can do is to understand that the ‘motherly’ nature of the woman is not biological, and hence, is a reason enough to reconsider the overdependence on her decisions. Having blind faith in her deliberations is not a good thing to do. He should hear other kinsmen and not blindly trust her. It would do good for him not to remain objective in his opinions about trustworthy people throughout- another trace of this dupe.

People should welcome others inhibitions and benefit from them.

Rented Kinsmen

People nowadays are increasingly besotted with frauds in the garb of a lovable man. These cheats have an ulterior motive for being in the company of the gullible victim. This ulterior motive is always related to the monetary side. As people grow more and more wealthier, such parasitic people enter their lives.

The parasitic nature of the masked personality is understood very late in the victim’s life and by this time, the fraud has done a lot of damage. The victim regrets the delusion he was privy to in the course of his life and feels the wealth –being siphoned off– could have been put to better use.

It is very evident from this fact that the person does not feel the bond a kinsman would experience towards the victim. The person defrauded comes to know the very nature of these rented kinsmen at a later part of his life. This could be at the onset of his life as a retired employee –if he’s a salaried person– or when his business suffers huge irrevocable losses.

Needless to say, the person or family defrauding such people are bent upon gathering wealth by hook or by crook. They think that it is the mode of survival for anyone on God’s beautiful earth. This is actually shanty culture and distant relatives are the ones targeted.

An analogy

I knew a person who cheated an elderly man in the guise of a nephew to the tune of millions. He was a rented nephew and his roots could be traced to the victim’s distant bloodline- like a kind of ancillary tie. This elder fell prey to the increasingly squeamish nature of the fraudster and believed him in everything- a sugar daddy to him.

After introducing himself to everyone as his nephew, he escaped with the loot- never to return again. This awakened an eerie feeling in the elder, whenever a person makes advances towards a friendship.


It is not wise to trust people who are not in your immediate bloodline. This makes the real blood-related people in your family alien to you and can create a crisis of faith. The breach of trust can have tantalizing effects on your persona too. So, don’t hire family members. No one is found to be a genuine and caring person like your own kinsmen. 

Secular Faux Pas

There is a lot of hullabaloo over the commoners’ idols that are found all over the televised and print media. A peek into these idols’ life can reveal a lot of skeletons that are clandestinely dumped into the closet. These skeletons and other trash are provocatively labeled ‘personal’, so as to avoid being noticed and brought to the fore. This personal luggage can carry a lot of filth, often not worth discovering: sensational love escapades; being privy to nexuses; debaucheries, drunken orgies to make life happening and all related vices.

When the above topic is inquisitively brought about, the celeb can become proud of these achievements of his. The interlocution can reach new heights of stupidity, such that the whole audience who are able to relate to it can be filled with awe for these accomplishments. These accomplishments can be in the form of the number of people involved in the orgies; inadvertently mowing down laborers dozing on the roadside at unearthly hours as a result of his drunken revelry; threatening people with dire consequences by being lovelorn. These are a few milestones reached by the phenom.

After being at the mercies of advancing age, he may come to terms with his urge to get embroiled in controversies. But old habits die hard and his followers are surely able to pick up the trend of unruliness and rebellion. All it takes is just a whiff of air to carry the stink to a prospective newbie. And thus a new pervert is spawned. This tirade against celebs can go on and on, provided they bawl out a cry to their followers for belting out new controversies and related imbroglios. I wish they keep it going! 


Lessons from Traditional Folklore

What the spiritual world calls heathen and pagan does constitute a rich knowledge handed down through generations. This traditional folklore is built purely by instincts and experimentation with various forms of divination that necessarily need not be natural. Nonetheless, one should commend the keen observation and wisdom imparted or handed down by their forefathers.

One of the rather commendable observation is that people when starting a devotion to a deity have to be completely aware about a certain rule. The rule says that the deity has to be fully appeased and not be mocked by simultaneously carrying out a devotion to its peers. Their observation is that if this rule is not followed, they are sure to incur the wrath of the mocked deity.

This is rather analogous to the model followed in the Bible wherein a jealous God is ever wanting to rain hailstones and burning coal on trespassing subjects. This horrifying end to the lives of ravenous people who have a hardened heart towards his voice is justified. This jealous nature of God is annulled by himself to be portrayed in the conjugal union of his people. He has done this so that his creations can get a feel of his predicament.

This Age’s Tryst With Technology

The dawn of technology has seen the interaction between  people in shambles. So much so that the many pleasurable outdoor activities that would bring a glint in your eye, from the more childish past times like hula hoop, kite running, chasing butterflies to the more adult-oriented ones like pruning a garden, tending to farm animals, are all done virtually.

Many a time people walking along, found to gesticulate ‘handsfree’ are in dire risks of being lampooned by passersby. To cater to these people besotted with the latest ‘detaching’ gadgets, the technology providers have come up with a variety of devices from their repertoire.

This ogling at the pesky gadgets can reach to such a degree that it can hamper productivity at many workplaces- bringing work to a standstill at many premieres of these. You are bound to witness a wry smile wrought on their faces when stuck in this melee characterized with long serpentine queues. They can even walk over a dead body in a bid to get their hands upon one of these imp’s delights.

They spend a fortune on these hand-held devices and then there’s no looking back. Just a nudge from a technology enthusiast can prod them into buying many of these in succession. They cannot even waver a bit at the prospect of pledging their organs for these. They beg for money like a tramp after a fortnight of the dastardly act of buying it. This fetish can be termed thus, ‘buy and be bought’.