God’s Dice

Coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous- Albert Einstein

Nobody believes in coincidences. They can’t believe that something can be so entangled in time that the whole meaning of the action will be lost. If only people take time as a priority and base all the actions and reactions of people around, they can understand many things. All the connecting dots will produce a very vivid image.

For example, a person who is just a bit preoccupied with his business that does not matter to the acquaintance, he could be misunderstood. The accuser never can understand the priority attached to the action as it does not matter to him.

Like if taking the dog out by the family member could be interrupted by a work related phone call, he could be misunderstood to be negligent. The reason could be that a number of work-related calls are received. So, where is the priority attached to it. He is bluntly misunderstood. Alternatively, the importance of the call is not known to the accuser.

Such is the bane of coincidences. People can use it to fool others too.


Can Science Disprove Bible?

Hey! Here is a barrage of questions for unbelievers: Has science got all the answers? If so, What happens when ships and planes cross the Bermuda triangle? Where do they go? What about the Nazca lines of Peru? How do the quite heavy stones get drifted on the land and form lines? The crop circles? What is the right explanation for them? If scientists knew everything, why don’t they create another world?

Do scientists observe the world and then arrive at an explanation or do they know everything beforehand? Is carbon-14 dating really bang-on? Why can’t your scientists create a human out of nothing or in a more stricter sense, using nothing that has got life? Like stones, mud, air, water? Why can’t they build something as complex as an eye? Why can’t they quell a storm or a tornado before it destructs everything? Why can’t they bring a dead person back to life? Did not Newton who instituted science believe in God?

Are scientists capable of bringing new discoveries using their own prowess? Did they know what they were doing? Many of these were by sheer accident: Goodyear discovered vulcanized rubber by accident and it changed the whole scene of transportation; The very principle ships are afloat was found by accident by Archimedes; penicillin was discovered by Alexander Fleming or rather stumbled upon when cleaning his workstation- a strange fungus was found by him on his cultures; Henry Becquerel discovered uranium when the rock he left in the drawer imprinted itself on a photographic plate without being exposed to sunlight first- thus, radioactivity was born. These were very important inventions and discoveries that laid the foundation for modern age. 

My observation is that evolution needed a first cause. Science cannot create anything out of nothing, right? Even to this day, it cannot. Or doesn’t believe anyone can create. Many scientists say that in 200 years they’ll track extraterrestrial people in the galaxy or catch God and bring him to earth in 100 years. Also, according to scientists, the earth was cooling a few years back and now it is warming. This shows that science is still developing and hasn’t got all the answers. So, how do you believe to find answers or base your beliefs in something that is incomplete and in a developing state?

Spirituality like science is not to be understood by us humans. Supernatural is not proved but felt. Rather spirituality is to be experienced at an individual level. You can’t say Bible is false. Bible has many incidents and events that historians believe existed, thus upholding its veracity. There has been a clear consensus among them regarding this. The places mentioned in it are still found in the exact location. The culture of the people too mentioned in this ancient text is exact.










The Bible: Myth or History?