An Employer’s Guide

As employers are very strict at picking up their leaders, here come across the mind a few traits to find in these. These are very important to look through in a person’s character. While other qualities seem artificial, these hit right on the bull’s eye.

Take a keen look at them.

  • A hate for sympathy These handpicked people should hate others showing sympathy to them even in hopeless situations. It is wise to see in them a quality that hates being portrayed as a lowly, ‘poor’ or wanting individual. Such people deserve the top spot because this reflects an undying spirit.
  • Having great comeback stories Their life should be full of grit and determination. An indomitable spirit could resolve any glaring difficulties at work. Stories such as rising out of a wheelchair or a hopeless difficulty can instill respect among peers. Some examples or such stories are Edison, Beethoven. Both were deaf. Louise Braille is good too.
  • Dreamy eyes Eyes say everything. People who see a silver lining in every dark cloud do fit the bill here. Dreams can be seen in eyes. This ability can sustain through demanding situations.
  • A pragmatic foresight A clear focus on things that can be achieved is good too. This unwavering mind can help a great deal. Panic should not be the word. This assessment is a pivotal part of the whole endeavour.

No one possessing all these qualities can falter. There is a very fat chance of probing this impossibility. Could they care much?


Favoritism in Workplaces: No Holds Barred

Though there are tall talks among people having a stake in workplaces that boast of opulence and other Utopian traits, very little is done in reality. Superiors at the top of the hierarchical pyramid prove to be hard taskmasters and to make matters worse, a sadistic tendency to favor people of certain ethnicity can also be witnessed.

These ignominious workplaces thrive with a lot of parasitic honchos that sneer at their subordinates, often being deliberate in their actions. This being said, offices in developing countries that have a culture of tolerance, hospitality amid diversity are the worst hit. People here are not actually tolerant of others differences, but there seems to be a right balance among them that does not translate into chaos.

When they say, ‘failure is the stepping stone to success’, it actually means that a lot of people can be used as a stepping stone towards success. These ‘failures’ that are being used as stepping stones are actually ones  whose career has fallen victim to these sadists’ deliberation.

Even talented people full of wisdom are not counted to be the company’s talent pool, but are rather thoroughly exploited with devious means. As the top brass is hand-in-glove with these spurious leaders, every complaint of the victim falls on deaf ears. This thorough manipulation of the employee’s growth prospects can render him to be crestfallen and devoid of hope.

The animosity bred as a result of this can manifest itself in the form of curses and pestilences on the sadist honcho. He can be seen clamoring for peace and good health. Though, the blessing on him was purported to keep him hale and hearty, the stark negative side can be witnessed by people in his life. Surely, no organization can thrive on the sweat and blood of victimized people. Parasitic honchos. Phew!