Humility and Sustained Success

Pride comes before a fall- Bible

The story of Lucifer or Satan in the Bible talks how pride affected his glorious stay in Paradise. But, many people think that pride does not lead to a fall- at least in material things. Well, the story of pride turning into a fall has a different annotation to it. It should be viewed thus. Here it follows.

The fall that relates to pride is actually, one in grace or favour in the sight of people. The more proud and arrogant a person is, more people would detest his presence. Thus, the detestable quality spreads like splinters in a forest and the popularity is affected. This is the case in many people’s lives in that they lack favour in the sight of people.

The superstar of filmdom from India, Rajnikanth, does not require promotion for his films. This is because of his utter humility. Nobody can find a hint of arrogance in him. His movies are way popular than other contemporaries and this says he is the epitome of success. Even Sachin Tendulkar was floored by his humility recently and mentions him in the list of his admirable people.

This implies that humility can take people places; do the promotions for them; keep them sustained among peers and never lack anything in life. Thus, people should avoid fall in the popularity by being humble and reach the pinnacle of sustained success.


Strangers at Home

When I see people in Bangalore keenly following other cultures, they make me feel confused. Let they follow their own path. But, why detest their roots or original culture? Some of them even feel ashamed talking about their culture. What is the result of this?

The problem presents itself in them later being nowhere to go. Their identity is lost. Both the cultures won’t accept them and this is the direct reason of experimenting with either. Almost all of them end up this way. And, their love for the cultures is divided. They end up being aliens at home.

I don’t have any ill feeling about western culture and am not vociferous. But, it should be done in moderation or they should selectively persist in them. Basking fully in either of them so much that people identify yourself as of another nationality is not a good sign. One’s nationality is at stake. People should preserve it.

If too much is allowed to permeate, their condition is comparable to a plant struck by an axe at the stem. As the roots hold them fast to the soil, severing is detrimental to sustainability. All that remains is a broken and dried twig. There can be no substitute to well-formed and strong roots.

People may label me as a traditionalist, but radicalism is not found in me-not even in the least. Moderation in a bit of both is tasteful. No one should be ashamed of their roots. After all, they are the very thing that holds them firm.

Schooling System: How is it?

Schools that are known to churn out talented individuals because of their prestigious nature are wrong footed right from the start. They do churn out people, but of the same type. Years and years of constant fine tuning and at last, a subject is produced. This subject is never open to curious learning. The teacher has followed the school system and it influences his thoughts. He grows up to be just like the policy makers who formulated the guidelines- nothing more, nothing less. They are taught to grow accordingly. This can be seen in every other person in that they only emulate people depicted in the books as a student and many pupils in school do that still- it’s an unavoidable reality.

 Education is one of the main obstacles to intelligence and freedom of thought- Bertrand Russell

 Holy curiosity of inquiry is a delicate plant, apart from stimulation, it mainly needs freedom.- Albert Einstein

 Originality needs to be emphasized. Couldn’t he be encouraged to build his own understanding of things, his own models, rather than be carried away by the policy maker’s whims? Authority figures should just provide him with the skeleton. Later, he can build up the paraphernalia. This way the curriculum can be student-centric.

 If role models are to be followed, then fine. What about these greats telling people to do the soul searching? Great people always advise everyone to ‘follow their mind’ or ‘be yourself’: Oscar Wilde, R. W. Emerson, Judy Garland and a few hundred others advised people thus. Why are these suggestions not followed? Does it mean that schools assume there won’t be another Shakespeare or Milton making their own road without budging?


….(our reform)recognizes the need to adapt rather than replicate ‘best’ practices’, so that they address local conditions and aspirations……the specific needs of students, schools and families are best understood when the local context is treated as a potential source of development rather than solely as a neutral or negative circumstance.

Simmons, Warren. annenberginstitute. Brown U, n.p. Web. 13 Feb 2014.


Yes. This is very clear to anybody observing Schools. They are built on the assumption that all the pupils are less-endowed strugglers and are admitted in them to walk out as great and polished people. Why not adjust the curriculum to accommodate a latent immense potential and adapt likewise? Everything should not be controlled and the pupil spoon-fed. There should be varied degrees of treatment for pupils of different level of intellect and needs: Russell was a revolutionary thinker; Einstein’s curiosity alone paved the way for many scientific breakthroughs like the famous relation between energy and mass, with other more profound insights.

 This is a real handicap and more research should be done to give freedom to the pupil. Then, a good strategy can be formulated in structuring this system.


It is evident that schools need to be more focused on: providing more freedom in thinking for the pupil; assume they all are not the same in terms of intelligence- some are superior to others; they have their own strong points to be cared for and may build the paraphernalia around, later in life.


The Cause of Decadence

People are prone to many illogical assumptions. They cannot get more sober in using the right word for others. Much of this is directly influenced from movies. As every cause relates to movies, people cannot help watching these themselves. One of the reasons for this is the addiction among movie-goers.

A prominent case of movies affecting the society is the belligerence glorified in them, finding a place in it. This has gone so deep into our culture that belligerent people are considered to be ‘manly’.

Belligerence is not in the least manly and this direct influence of movies in a person’s attitude is very telling. Belligerence can be meant to say vandalism and only ruffians are found to live as such. Though these set of people probe extremities in their actions, a good amount of belligerence from ‘men’ is enough to label them as such.

People mimic their heroes of the netherworld and petty squabbles are encouraged. As time goes by, the pettiness grows into a more feral nature. This creepy thing about movies is a nice thought to consider towards boycotting them. Before getting profound, these should be tamed. Signs are evident as people are besotted with anti heroes more than ever.

Utilized Lacking

People have a strong luring for anything ideal in life. Any organization built on these principles –or, supposedly so– has rewarded itself greatly. People have this inbuilt mechanism wherein their soul searches for a slice of paradise.

Their need for these qualities and the fact that they cannot achieve to be more like those people with noble traits, draws them closer to these ideas. It also regurgitates an innate desire to be one possessing those.

This is the very lacking that great leaders took advantage of to curdle sentiments. Every soul searching person strives to be suffused with these Utopian traits even to this day. The leaders using these traits to influence a generation still find a following, wherein they are revered.

Due to the crippling decadence in society, these are even more wanted. God has left these lacunae in the world for Himself, so that He may influence a new revolution from time to time.