Subservient Liars

People around the world are endlessly caught in a maze, if they happen to just give in to the false precept of lying. Just a lie that was founded on a premise of escaping their faults’ repercussions or shame can trigger a plenitude of them. These lies enslave the person who lied and hold him captive for long periods of time.

He goes on a lying spree and the situation is out of control for him. No one can bail him out of the travesty, the lying made him a bait of. Instead of lying to wriggle out of the situation, it is best to do the seemingly impossible- speak the truth without being ashamed. More and more lying is similar to being caught in a swamp, floundering. One can get out of the mess, only then.

This lying –done in a bid to ease up the situation or salvaging pride– can turn up the tide against the liar’s own image. The lying person’s reputation is at stake and the dent is very hard to be repaired. It gets worse, if the person has a formidable reputation in society. As is obvious, his stature doesn’t allow him to lie- not even the least.

Hence, it is best to stay out of lying and even if caught in it, speak the truth, regardless.


Some Tidbits Regarding Morality

There is a lot of confusion around, regarding morality being subjective. While it is true that morality differs from person to person, a very important thing itself should not be dismissed. It changes from one to another because people tend to be right in their own eyes. For consideration, a grave thing that they collectively as a culture abhor, gets imbued in their conscience. But, due to individual antics,  exceptions regarding certain morals start cropping up.

This subjectivity in morals is no excuse for the total nonexistence of a predefined and standard set of morals that predate the human race.


  • If people in some culture perceive body piercings as a taboo, individuals privy to that culture follow suit. This makes everyone with piercings detested and frowned upon.
  • People who can’t overcome certain habits evil to their body such as smoking develop a soft corner for smokers. This, they do much against their existing cultural affiliations.


A lot of these exceptions to rules throughout cultures and individual affiliations, make up the subjective morals in society. These individualistic and group affiliations do not negate a definitive moral code in everybody’s conscience, which is in play. ‘The odd one is out’, yes. But, people need to get a bigger picture. This can transcend the paltry moral subjectivity.


Melodramatic Purveyors

Some people often convey a wrong message to the ‘uninitiated’ that they need to confide and put their trust in a specific circle of friends and acquaintances to survive in this harsh world. While the specificity of the friends circle is a good argument and a premise to abide by, the term itself is subjective.

To put it more precisely, no one knows the kind of friends and acquaintances that would be helpful in dire needs. And, to be exact, there is no way to find out- however calculative a person might be.

People tend to take pride in themselves about their reliable clout that can turn the tables and stare in the face of any situation. But, it is wise to note that not even one of these persons can be of help in certain demanding and dire situations. And this may be because of their nonavailability due to commitments; distance of the place of incident, if one is traveling; purview of the concerned situation, when it comes to jurisdiction or ambit; peculiarity of the people with vested interests, especially the character and so on.

This select circle of close friends need to be extended to include anyone and everyone who happens to be human. Each and every person in this world is interdependent on one another. Cohabitation was the sole purpose of the creator when He put people into being. Hence, no one can shun others’ company and be complacent.

Man is a social animal and even beggars can be of help sometime. This makes it wise for him to be in the good books of everyone. Need transcends strata and caliber in society. Get rid of the melodrama and think clear. Only then, the world becomes more vivid.

Amateur and Poor: Palatable Combination?

The world is full of sentient beings that grapple with the terms of new found surroundings. New surroundings here are that the beings were quite rich financially and are now not so well-off as they used to be. This grappling of theirs can be seen in the day-to-day life they are exposed to.

Once being quite well-to-do with a handsomely paid job, these retirees make an effort not to budge when it comes to performing the assigned not-so-glamorous jobs or more precisely, chores. After a long tussle with the immediate family, they slowly bow down to the pressure. But, it should be noted that this transition is not so easy for them or the people concerned. They try all the means possible to dodge this ‘frivolous’ responsibility of maintaining the ‘palace’.

As any change is not accepted with open arms, this too calls for a great effort. This effort is similar to that of the flame, when it is about to fizzle out. It can be seen that the flame makes a great effort to stay in the game with renewed vigor- not seen before. It’s strength is even greater at the time of dying down.

So is the case with these newly poor people. The act of the vigor dying down is truly entertaining to witness. But, at the end of it all, the relief that follows is truly worth cherishing. Relish the flavor and be satisfied.

Surreal Beliefs

One of the major antecedents often seen in reality shows is that people put their complete trust in the dialogues too. This uncalled for truth is not at all palatable. Well, at least for me.

I mean, consider this thought. Why would a show that has infused such a huge capital in it from day one want to randomize or ‘realize’ the happenings between the contestants? It can be clearly seen that keeping the happenings ‘real’ can put the viewership of it at stake. The people running the show cannot control it and adapt to the viewers changing tastes or trends in the surroundings.

Thus, they cannot maintain a connect with the viewers and this makes the randomization of the show nonsensical. This detrimental aspect of it can have a huge effect on the entire farcical season.

This crystal clear aspect of the show is enough to make mature audiences informed. A show that does not have a tab on the happenings or plots in the story can be expected to go on a downward spiral in terms of popularity. Closely follow these major signs and you may be enlightened. Often, tell tale signs reveal a lot.

The Deviant Side of Celluloid World

Movies are the greatest tool to probe decadence in the society. It would be rather right to say that movies are a mirror to the society.

As movies are more and more popular among various age groups and sections in the society, there can be often mixed reactions at the mere mention of it. Some movies that are not mainstream can be definitely categorized into the ones sending a message to people, but the mainstream ones are commercial. They are being made to accomplish a checklist for the moviemaker.

One can see that there are very few cinemas here that offer to send a moral message to people. Here, protagonists are increasingly inclined towards the deviant side. They can be seen glorifying exotic dancers who are sleazy to the core; thieves that are sophisticated and ‘virile’ in the carnal way; hopelessly addicted to perversions and evil habits; cold-hearted gangsters; deceptively glorifying death or begging others to reply it in the face; glorifying carnal love and materialism; encouraging poor people to beget financial windfall by devious means. Well, the list is endless.

No movie is morally superior and does not exhort its viewers to follow suit- definitely not with an angelic heart and pure mind. There can always be flaws in their messages to the masses. Play tough and do not yield to their luring. Stay safe from the gory and carefree life they depict, shunning the ideologies.

Barbaric Religions: True or False?

While numerous atheists in the world attempt to connect many wars and strife elsewhere to religions, it is true to some extent. But, a different aspect of atheism is to be considered that has given a lot of impetus to wars and utter annihilation. If one takes notice of these vagaries that have many a carnage to its credit, the blame games stop.

What were the ideologies?

There were numerous ideologies and beliefs that promoted, spawned and instigated wars or strife among certain sections of people. 

Fascism was a major ideology that exterminated a lot of races that existed during the World Wars. Millions were killed and were treated like cattle transported to slaughter houses amongst other grave, inhumane conditions. A lot of experiments were carried out on them. The death toll is estimated by researchers to be close to the score of a million.

What promotes barbarism?

There is an inherent evil among people that promotes such strife. It is an affiliation to an ideology or a belief. In the above case, it was sneering and disdain to a particular race. People should be cautious of their affiliations to certain ideologies and be tolerant towards their fellowmen.

What curtails it?

Man came up with a lot of religions in order to find peace among his brethren. The goal of every religion is to maintain harmony among the human race. Religion acts like a balm that soothes pain and ameliorates the transigent characteristics among the fellowmen.


Man has sought religions to be in a better world far from strife and ill will. Religion does not promote disharmony- not among its adherents themselves. Be appreciative of man’s efforts to find solace in religion.