Incohesive Religions: A Sober Cause

Atheists oppose religions because they are not tolerant to each other. The reason that these followers of religions don’t mingle with each other is actually God being jealous of his subjects. Though the rift is very wide, a sober religious man does not look down upon other religions. All religious people are supposed to cohabit peacefully with other followers and noble souls of other religions have God’s company guaranteed.

Relationship between God and followers

Let’s take a deeper look into why there is such a great division and what is the reaction to be called for.

The relationship between God and his people is spousal, meaning that God and his subjects are compared to the bond between spouses. Taking this analogy further, a spouse is not supposed to have conjugal union with others- in other words, harlotry. This is a basic part of the holy matrimony and is taken very seriously. If this rule is broken, anyone contravening is not taken lightly and the couple can sever ties with each other.

God created matrimony just to convey people about the jealousy He feels, when people rally behind other Gods. 


Thus, all Gods are not one and this thought can forebode divine wrath. As a Christian, one is called to be faithful to God and not indulge in worshiping other Gods. This lays to rest doubts among atheists about Christians not following other religions. Worshiping is clearly forbidden, but Christians are called to be tolerant of other religions and not despise the people involved.


Humility: Conducive to Success?

Many people in this world seem to predict the future or success of an individual based on his attitude. They say attitude is the very thing that takes people places.

The right attitude is a never-give-up one to some, but this is very far from the truth. A person with this attitude constantly betters himself at his game and devises new strategies that have the potential to take him places. While this type of approach can ensure him a top place in the cut-throat competition prevalent in this world, it does not necessarily cement his place throughout the illustrious career he is privy to. Another important ingredient to a savourable success is never entertained, while giving undue importance to this dogged perseverance.

This, often ignored aspect is humility in a person’s actions. The more humble a person is, the more respect he commands. As he uses this approach in his life’s events, the reach of his respect expands even more. He gains favor among his superiors and onlookers. No virtue is as sweet as humility. Every hardened heart melts at a humble person’s action.


The problem with a never-give-up attitude and a rebellious outlook is that there result many a frayed nerves because of this and a kind of hostility is bred among the peers. This unhealthy competition is not a very good sign and is a thing not necessary in one’s career.

Humility compounded with this never-give-up attitude is a sure thing helping in one’s career and ensures a longer stay in the limelight. This can be seen in many humble sportspersons’ and celebrity’s life. This virtue absolves a lot of hegemony and resentment cropping up in the enemies too. What’s more needed in life?

Rented Kinsmen

People nowadays are increasingly besotted with frauds in the garb of a lovable man. These cheats have an ulterior motive for being in the company of the gullible victim. This ulterior motive is always related to the monetary side. As people grow more and more wealthier, such parasitic people enter their lives.

The parasitic nature of the masked personality is understood very late in the victim’s life and by this time, the fraud has done a lot of damage. The victim regrets the delusion he was privy to in the course of his life and feels the wealth –being siphoned off– could have been put to better use.

It is very evident from this fact that the person does not feel the bond a kinsman would experience towards the victim. The person defrauded comes to know the very nature of these rented kinsmen at a later part of his life. This could be at the onset of his life as a retired employee –if he’s a salaried person– or when his business suffers huge irrevocable losses.

Needless to say, the person or family defrauding such people are bent upon gathering wealth by hook or by crook. They think that it is the mode of survival for anyone on God’s beautiful earth. This is actually shanty culture and distant relatives are the ones targeted.

An analogy

I knew a person who cheated an elderly man in the guise of a nephew to the tune of millions. He was a rented nephew and his roots could be traced to the victim’s distant bloodline- like a kind of ancillary tie. This elder fell prey to the increasingly squeamish nature of the fraudster and believed him in everything- a sugar daddy to him.

After introducing himself to everyone as his nephew, he escaped with the loot- never to return again. This awakened an eerie feeling in the elder, whenever a person makes advances towards a friendship.


It is not wise to trust people who are not in your immediate bloodline. This makes the real blood-related people in your family alien to you and can create a crisis of faith. The breach of trust can have tantalizing effects on your persona too. So, don’t hire family members. No one is found to be a genuine and caring person like your own kinsmen. 

Dubious Fanfare

Television has become a great tool to convey people false messages regarding affiliations. This mess of information that enjoys epic followers is because of an unending appetite for the sole purpose of raking in huge profits. This clumsiness is vivid to some onlookers who have a keen eye for discerning people’s intentions and pitchings.

One can see in the reality shows that these dubious affiliations are a way to promote outlandish ideas and plots within the dramas- more the loss quotient in it, more the aggression noticed. Sometimes the aggressive promotion is so intense that clear signs can be seen by the gullible too of the shows being on the verge of extinction.

Later, to avoid the extinction, more and more capital is infused and other unearthly practices are devised to retain viewership. One of these methods is linking many popular television dramas with the ailing show- in a way, bastardizing the theme of the parent show.

Sick and ailing people are discarded even by organizations that view them as productive and efficient. This makes the practice an alien one. A glaring message conveyed through this practice is that shows are important and not the people behind it. Hunting people, ditching them and treating them as dirt is right, but never give up the show- a very self-centered strategy. Always know where the money is.

Is Favor Returnable?

Nobody in this world owes a favor to anybody. The favor is transformed into a lot of immeasurable qualities. The best example of an immeasurable quality is the unnoticed-but-effective prayers. No one knows the hearty prayers a person has offered for the benevolent giver as a token of appreciation. And this very prayer translates into material and spiritual blessings. The best part of this is that the action goes unnoticed- nobody knows the source of the blessing he becomes privy to.

People bragging about being helpful, makes no sense. Their flawed perception is because of the very fact that they define and attach a value to every material thing owed. This makes sense to say that more is the value attached to a material lent, more is the gratitude expected.

An interesting aspect of this argument is that only materialistic people expect gratitude or a returned favor. This begging and bragging attitude is actually a test of probing materialistic people.

There are many things in this world that do not come under the tag of value and this stupidity of acting big and mentioning the favor in talks is nonsensical. A lack of true education, shanty culture and warped thinking can lead to this ‘less-endowed’ individual being dubbed a picaninny of sorts.

A few of the things that cannot be valued are prayer, affection, blessing, love, warmth, godly peace, grace- the list goes on and on.


Thus, people who talk in ‘favor’ language is the very first sign of lack of intellect to me and a very bad impression. Such people with a lot of carnality imbued in their mind make me sick in my gut. This is not real education in that they do not understand such a simple thing. The world is full of ‘educated mean’ people. Break free from your reverie- you never know, the favor may have been returned at a subtler level.

Inherent Evil

Every person in this world is aware of a diabolical side to him. It constantly talks to him in urges that coaxes him to explore this dark side. While constantly making an effort not to yield to some that are collectively considered taboo in his culture, he succumbs to other really ‘harmless’ ones. But, there are bound to be many misfits with not even an ounce of integrity in every culture- one can see people mimicking their outlandish idols and their base fantasies.

While constantly taming the wild side of their own selves, people let go of it sometimes whenever there is no coercive force in place. This can be seen in riots and other violent uproars that are stirred because of hatred. A large majority of people who rummage through the belongings of many shopping centers reduced to rubble are opportunists.

These opportunists take undue advantage of the chaos prevailing by making a fast buck.

You can see people unleashing their dark side in these places where there are no chances of being apprehended. These fiends and imps are often known to be gentle at heart, but a true test of such a quality can only be done amid utter chaos- accountability is absent here. This dark side is the product of an absolute monarch who is never known to forego the vile nature- a sustaining source of evil.

People follow everything evil, but are hesitant to admit it. It just takes a nudge such as utter chaos to bring the best out of them. Be careful in discerning them from the lot!


Machines and Humans: Hand-in-hand

Machines are used by people since a few centuries and their effectual use in production can be seen even today. Two or three centuries after this reliance on automation, these ‘teethed’ monsters made way into many people’s lives to aid a luxurious lifestyle. After the invention of the steam engine –during which the whole idea of transportation kicked off– numerous machines that aided in making the world a global village were conceptualized and breathed life into.

Later, these behemoth of machines were engineered to be portable enough for everyday use. People were turned into the very likes of sloth bears, as they increasingly relied on these ‘teethed fantasies’. This transformation of machines from effective production to aid lazing people in luxury is a very interesting upturn for those who witnessed this. People being increasingly reliant on these devices, have become susceptible to a number of illnesses and occupational hazards.

What are the recent ill-effects of technology?

Increasing reliance on technology has made a few harms to raise their ugly heads. Here are some of them:

  1. Digital Dementia Increasing dependence on gadgets for simple calculations; setting reminders for special occasions that would have been simply memorized; calls list in which the callers’ numbers are assigned to their names, but never registered in mind; addresses stacked away neatly and a lot of personal information  on them has made people dull.
  2. Occupational hazards Many illnesses such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Bursitis, Tendinitis and injuries because of ergonomics, such as Repetitive Strain Injury have pushed people to the brink of dejection about work. People can neither quit their jobs nor search for an alternative, as an alternate job is very difficult to lay hands upon with numerous contenders and occupied vacancies.
  3. Sedentary lifestyle This is the very lifestyle a majority of people are exposed to. This zenith of luxury has made people prone to several illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, psychosomatic disorders and even cancers.


Machines are solely responsible for humans developing a laid-back attitude. For them, even a 100 meter walk seems impossible. This partnership of humans and machines is bound to bring forth many testing times. Who knows, they may become increasingly wary of each other. Only time will tell.,P00218/