Policing Nightmare

Law enforcers in some developing countries endorse and promote an exorbitant use of expletives while discharging their daily duties. This rude behavior is the norm these days. Corruption has sunk its teeth deep in the ailing system that they represent, making it difficult for the common man to survive.

This is in stark contrast to their counterparts in the developed countries, where a policeman has to sound polite and well-mannered while discharging his duties. The cause for this squeamish policing is that everything is recorded in a camera so that erring officials can be brought to book and be held accountable for their actions. This curtails a lot of malfeasance in these countries so that the officials concerned won’t go scot free.

These officials are hand in glove with the corrupt and tainted superiors and bureaucrats. They take advantage of the loopholes and lacunae in the system, fleecing less influential and lower rung people. They sit pretty on the huge mound of ill-gotten wealth that they have amassed over the years. This wealth that they have siphoned off from the victims of their atrocities is abhorred by the latter.

There is no respite for the common man. He gazes into the distant horizon at the hope of finding help, but is bereft of hope. The people who have bore the brunt of these enforcers’ antics nurse an ambition to clean up this mess that emanates a disgusting and unbearable stench.

They are very eager to be part of groups with ideologies that promise to bring about a change in the system. A concerted effort on part of these citizens is required to sustain these ideologies and such movements are best brought to fruition by a prominent person spearheading them. These movements do promise you a part of Shangri La, but something is far better than nothing.


Prospects of a Writer Metamorphosing into an Editor

Editing requires a thorough understanding of the English language. Writing and editing are closely interrelated. An editor has in all likelihood been a good writer with impeccable writing skills and a sublime sense of vocabulary. All these subliminal qualities including his innate proficiency at the use of the language has translated into him becoming a successful and a good editor.

Editorial skills are not taught, but developed through a rigorous involvement in the writing field and a first-hand experience at it. The use of grammar taught at schools does help you give a little insight into the working of the English language. Nonetheless, it is just an attempt or a course so that the pupil can learn to inculcate a sense of a grammatical feel and touch. This can help him in developing good language skills with a definitive mindset, which in the long run would be beneficial for him to pursue his desired writing-related ambition.

What training in this field would not teach you is to cope up with the burgeoning demand on creativity that this field demands. The ability to come up with a variety of a choice of words for the desired article to look pleasing enough to read is found in a good writer. The discerning capacity of the editor in selecting the right words that are suitable for the use of them in the context of the article and discarding the unnecessary words comes with the experience wrought in the field of writing from a good number of years.

A writer who makes steady progress in his understanding of the English language can vouch for the prospect of becoming an editor, when approached with a proposition for the same. This may seem as an ambivalent proposition to some and the writer may sulk in the vastness of the ocean of aspirants armed to the teeth with their impeccable language skills, but this option is worth the try.

Rave Ideologies

Tremendous criticism is often levied upon misogyny, male chauvinism and feminism. All these ideologies stem from the horrid nightmares that the people exhibiting these have encountered in their vaguely reminiscent distant past. They fail to get a bigger picture. These lopsided ideologies are endemic to people with an eroded intellect.

Many people lend a ear to the clash of these ideologies which can rake up huge profits by way of attracting a number of eyeballs for businesses that are involved in voicing opinions of people, such as the televised versions of the news media. Ever open to innovative ways that can hitchhike them to success moneywise, they don’t waver a bit in incorporating this strategy.

Many professionals can be at loggerheads among themselves, trying to spruce up imperfections in their evaluation of these minds. Perhaps, a well directed and melodious lullaby can help soothe these turbulent minds.

An Ode to Bangalore

Bangalore is known for its salubrious climate and is teeming with a vibrant population. The technological advancements here are solely driven by these industrious engineers who are on a war footing. There are summer palaces of many medieval kings that are tell tale signs of the footprints of aristocracy deeply etched in the sands of time.

Modern Bangalore is known for pothole ridden and waterlogged roads, battering thunderstorms, frequent power outages, uprooted trees, ill-equipped emergency services, haphazard town planning, lack of coordination between civic agencies, irate mobs craving for action, hooligans on the prowl, uncivilized populace, developmental projects hanging in a limbo, people aping the west and repulsive to their tradition and culture. All these impede the development of this city and make it a soulless city discouraging cohabitation.

This does not negate the fact that it is a technological hub of India and the civic amenities here are of high standards. The indomitable spirit of Bangaloreans takes precedence over the aforesaid issues plaguing its urban populace. A stroll through the boulevards of this place can toss your inhibitions regarding it aside. Let go of them and take a breather.

Bullies: Ominous Portents?

Bullies give their victims horrid nightmares. They are often flanked by innumerable henchmen who have no qualms about taking up cudgels against unsuspecting and innocent victims. They are on the prowl for harming their victims in the darkest of allies. The victim is unaware of their notoriety for sadism. When questioned, they can pull wool over your eyes and the soft corner in your heart for them can lead you to believe that they are in foster care or at the mercies of a lovelorn couple.

The complaint against these bullies can result in the travesty of justice because the victims and the witnesses involved are ill-equipped to handle the impromptu nature of it, as they are underage. The bully can get manipulative and use the facts to his advantage.

If you leave the bullies go scot-free without apprehending or reprimanding them, you will be stuck in a maze of guilt that convicts you in that you ignored an obvious omen that foreboded an impending disaster. This can sicken you in your gut as the upbeat sadism these bullies exhibit can take the form of a vindictive nature concerning the poor victim. Moreover, they can grow up into hooligans. You should have nipped them in the bud. Don’t ignore these tell tale signs.

Modern Christianity: Doomsday Cult or Elixir of Life

Christianity has braved a number of attempts to malign it and endured other unimaginable throes of dogged persecution it was subjected to and has come out victorious. These distasteful and futile attempts to undermine the church’s authority through slander and libel, complementing each other, are in vain.

It is not a building to be reduced to rubble or blown to smithereens, but an interwoven and interconnected, closely knit fellowship of individuals who are up in cahoots to bring about a noteworthy change in people enslaved to bondages and other ever-imposing shackles.

There is irrefutable evidence in the annals of history to prove that its inception was not a figment of imagination and even eminent historians endorse it. The historic places and landmarks that have made their way into the Bible are prevalent even to this day and stand testimony to the fact that Christianity has deep filial roots embedded in a mantle of piety.

Modern Christianity has not done away with the tenets of its older self, but has fallen prey to the rave sense of imagination of its rather upbeat members. This modern Christianity too radiates an aura of godliness despite its rebel factions.

Perils Of Being Ultra Popular

Celebrities dwell on the incessant praises of their mesmerized and spell bound fans, who are oblivious of the person’s true self and are total strangers to them. They are inundated with congratulatory calls and flattering messages about their ravishing looks or compliments about their noble gestures such as philanthropic activities and intellectual abilities or their acumen.

They have a hectic and demanding schedule and have to toil laboriously to meet various challenges. Being in vogue constantly, connecting with a huge fan base on the move and maintaining their specific brand image, to name a few, is a herculean task. The designers, publicists or managers should be endowed with impeccable artistic, marketing and managerial skills, for this glamorous type.

Being flattered  constantly can leave them susceptible to outrageous fallacies and devious designs. They can get so blinded that they may overlook the minutiae and be rendered gullible by leaping into situations that can have far reaching implications on their careers. This can be done by harboring hideous and ostentatious sycophants who have ulterior motives to denigrate them or fill their own coffers. They should be on guard against these people. Once bitten, twice shy.